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There are more than 60 million anglers in the US, and more people go fishing than play tennis and golf, so fishing as a hobby is without question very popular.

Even if you haven’t gone fishing before, you probably have a few friends who do, and with a passion. And if you’re among those who still haven’t tried it yet, the following might convince you.

Savor the Outdoors

One of the great things about going fishing is you can enjoy the great outdoors and unwind. Today’s lifestyle can be very stressful, and fishing is a nice way to get one with nature again.

Many people in fact, get into fishing to enjoy the surroundings and the serenity it brings. For many, simply being with nature, the sights and sounds, is soothing.

Reduce Stress

The whole purpose of fishing of course, is to catch some fish, but as lots of fishermen and anglers will tell you, there’s a lot more to it than that as it also reduces anxiety and stress. Just being with nature and hearing the sounds of the waves and the fresh air are enough to soothe the nerves and calm the mind.

One of the remarkable things about fishing is that it manages to relax you while at the same time generate excitement. While many people take it up as a hobby because it’s a lot of fun (and it is), there are also those who do because it relieves stress.

If you’re stressed out by work and the demands of daily living, taking up angling as a hobby may be good for you, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Learning Patience

As any angler will tell you, fishing requires patience, and you’re going to have to wait a while if you’re after the big fish. In other words, one of the things you’ll learn is patience, and that’s going to come in handy not just for fishing but life in general.

Once the fish does bite though you’ll need to pull it in, and that’s a challenge in itself, but one that’s fun. The combination of being patient and suddenly realizing there’s a catch is exhilarating.

Another thing you learn with fishing is being able to focus. Casting the line and waiting for the bite requires attention, and focusing on a single activity improves concentration and reduces stress.

The key to successful fishing is being observant and mindful, and these act as stress relievers.

Bonding Time

Fishing by yourself is cool, but it’s also an activity you can do with friends and family. Whether you’re fishing for recreation or for sport, it’s a good opportunity to get together with friends.

And really there’s nothing quite like having friends around to share the fun of catching that trophy fish. And if you catch a particularly big fish, having extra hands to haul it in will definitely help.

Helping with Conservation

As you may already know, anglers engage in catch and release, so they can enjoy fishing while helping to preserve the environment.

Most anglers are in fact passionate about the environment and preserving marine life, and you can do your part too.

Most of them buy special licenses and taxes that are used to fund marine and wildlife conversation programs in the US.

In addition to these, anglers know too well the importance of clean air and water, and they do their part by keeping the environment clean and not disturbing the natural habitat when they fish. It’s something you should practice too.

It’s Not as Hard as You May Think

Fly fishing doesn’t require you to go to mountain streams or out of the way places, as you’re as likely to make a good catch in rivers, ponds, lakes, and saltwater.

Second, there are plenty of starter kits available that come with everything you need, and some even have the knots tied already.

The bottom line is, fishing as a hobby is good for you.

It’s a fun activity you can do by yourself or with your friends, and it teaches you patience while not lacking in excitement. Not only do you get to be one with nature, but it’s a nice way to simply get away from it all, so give it a try!